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Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


Our Staff Makes the Difference:
As the region’s premiere dog and cat care and lodging facility we attract and hire only the best.


Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


“Shedless” Dog and Cat Grooming:
Our customers call this treatment “amazing” and highly recommend it to anyone interested in controlling your dog or cats hair in their home. And that’s just one of our services!


Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


Let’s Get Started:
We can’t wait to meet your dog or cat best friend and look forward to making he or she a friend of ours as well. Give us a call or click here to use our handy, on-line form.


Kountry Kennels Pet Resort & Spa


Resort Accommodations
Services & Rates


Accommodations - Dogs 
Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center offers safe, clean and comfortable recreation and accommodations for all of our guests. You will not find a more elite pet lodging resort in Kane County than Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center. Please come in and visit us! See for yourself what sets our Resort apart from the other area pet kennels. Our accommodations offer all the services you would expect from a five-star resort including full spectrum lighting, skylights, soothing music and clean, comfortable climate-controlled enclosed surroundings.

Dog lodging options are available in various sizes to make all our guests feel at home. Our dog lodging accommodations include comfortable areas for small breeds and spacious suites for our larger guests. Each dog will have access to a well-maintained sleeping, exercise and elimination area. Depending on your dog's personality and current availability the sleeping areas can either be private or connected to the exercise area.  All our rooms have automatic watering systems, once your pet takes a sip of water it automatically fills back up.

At Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center we do everything in our power to make sure our guests are as content and comfortable as possible. We do ask for your cooperation in limiting the amount of belongings you send with your pet to one favorite toy. While infrequent, please be aware these articles may become lost or damaged at times.

Family Pets Lodging Together
Accommodations are available for those who would like their family's pets of the same species to room together. Our policy is to feed each dog separately to eliminate any possibility of the dogs disagreeing during feeding time while lodging together.

We provide bedding for all our guests.  The bedding is furry on the top and has a rubber backing.  All bedding is freshly laundered each day. 

For our guests who would like a little extra pampering Premium Beds are presented as an upgrade option or included in some of the packages we recommend. Premium Beds offer superior comfort and support. This popular dog lodging option is a great choice for our visitors with tender joints and muscles or simply those of you wishing to treat your pet to a more luxurious stay.

 Dog Suites

Our dog suites include a plush toddler bed, woolie mat, webcam access, and a flat screen television that plays movies throughout the day.   These rooms also have an automatic watering system that refills as soon as your pet takes a sip. 

Suite Viewing Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
No viewing on Sundays and Holidays



Accommodations - Cats


Kountry Pet Resort has made accommodations for your Feline Friends in our State-of-the Art,  Hepa filtered, Octagon Cattery which has been built with love and the most advanced technology in cat lodging.  The Cattery provides three different areas where your Feline Friend can stay.  We have Cat Apartments, Cat Condos and Cat Hi-Rises.  Which area would be "purr"fect for your Feline Friend? 


Cat Apartments


* bedding provided
* catnip toy treats
* separate, private area for litter


Cat Condos


* multi-levels
* view of 650 gallon fish tank
* view of play area
* cushy bedding provided
* catnip toy treats
* separate, private area for litter


Cat Hi-Rises


* multi-levels
* view of 650 gallon fish tank
* view of play area
* cushy bedding provided
* catnip toy treats
* separate, private area for litter
* bird watching from private window


See a video of a cat lodging guest trying to catch the fish below.

Special Services and Extra Care

Love Pats
This is a 20 minute session of quality time with our feline guests, whether it be petting, brushing, kisses & hugs or just sweet talks.  We also do special requests.  Please call for pricing.

Small Pets (rabbits, small birds, guinea pigs, etc)  As low as $10.00 per day.
We lodge them all! Although we love to look after all kinds of small pets, we ask that you bring the supplies needed to board these types of animals, such as bedding, food and cages.

Pet-I-Care Warranty..........$6.00 each pet / per visit

If you pick up your pet before 1:00 p.m. on your pet's departure date, you will not be charged for that day of departure. There is a full day charge for Sunday pick ups.


A deposit is required to secure your pets reservation.  If you need to change or cancel a holiday/vacation period reservation, you must notify us at least 14 days in advance or cancellation fees will apply. Changes or cancellations to a non-holiday/vacation period reservation must be made three days in advance or cancellation fees will apply.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.